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The KerryU Approach

"Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted!" -Albert Einstein

The KerryU approach is a hybrid between college counseling and life coaching. Why life coaching? Because good grades and high test scores are not the only things that matter when applying for colleges. At KerryU, we believe that who you are is the most important part of a college application. While most students may not know where they want to go or what they want to do, they do know who they are. We aim to help students find schools that align with their academic goals and personal values.


Common College Myths

Myth: A good college is determined by its rejection rate.

KerryU¬†Truth:¬†"Good" is not synonymous with ‚Äúexclusive.‚ÄĚ While, yes, more exclusive colleges have a certain connotation on paper, the on-paper impact does not outweigh the individual experience. College is more than an academic journey. It‚Äôs¬†a social one full of self-discovery. KerryU aims to shift mindsets from seeking ‚Äúexclusive‚ÄĚ to discovering the ‚Äúbest‚ÄĚ for you.

Myth: Certain students are guaranteed to get into any individual school based on their performance.

KerryU Truth: No one is guaranteed admission regarding the college application process. Colleges are a business. They have the autonomy to admit any student that meets their own set of values, expectations, and criteria. Trust the process and remember every student ends up exactly where they are supposed to be.

Myth: Your main focus in high school should be doing things that will get you into college.

KerryU Truth: High school kids should be doing things they enjoy doing! The goal is to accurately represent yourself when applying for schools. If your application is filled with activities you didn't enjoy or felt forced to participate in, it isn't an authentic representation of who you are. It's merely a representation of who you thought a school wanted you to be. When entering a process with no guarantees, it's best to show up as yourself. You'll be happier in the long run! 

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What KerryU Offers You

Step by Step

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Step 1. Book your 90-minute discovery session with KerryU. 

During this session, you will discuss your values, academic interests, and current academic standing.

Step 2. Receive your comprehensive Discovery Document from KerryU.

After your discovery session, you will receive your KerryU Discovery Document. The Discovery Document will serve as a comprehensive roadmap for parents and students toward the ultimate goal of higher education. Don't worry! We at KerryU will also provide an instruction manual on how to fully utilize the document on your own. What the document entails is dependent on the student's projected graduation year.

Coming to KerryU in 2024

In January of 2024, KerryU is launching an online course for the class of 2025 that walks parents and students through every step of the college application process. Including essays, letters of recommendation, what to ask when touring colleges, and so much more! Opt-in below to be notified when these new KerryU services launch.

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